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Seize the Bay!
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Apparel for your Georgian Bay Lifestyle

This is the place to get all of your outdoor or travel wear to fully experience all that Georgian Bay has to offer.  You can also get any of the Seize the Bay! merchandise at this location as well.

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Hiking on the Bay

The simplest way to enjoy our area is to take a hike.  It requires no special equipment and you can get started today! With lots of local forests and trails this is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors.   Hiking on the Bay is a free gathering of people who love to spend an hour or so outdoors to enjoy the scenery and often some great conversation.

Yoga on the Bay

Every Wednesday morning during the summer we have a yoga class held right on the bay! 
(weather permitting). 


We welcome you to sign up for this online at The Yoga House, or you can also pay cash at the dock.  

Diverse Rentals and Vacations

We Rent Excitement!

Boat Rentals, PWC Rentals, A Hotel that Floats- The Floatel ,Summer Stay n Plays, Kayak and SUP rentals too. Snowmobile Rentals, Snowmobile Tours, Winter Stay n Plays


Have a question? Please call 888-377-7155 or 705-549-0683 or email

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