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  • Ron Neumann

Sharing a Passion for Georgian Bay

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Many of the people who live along

Georgian Bay enjoy this location and make it their own personal heaven on

earth. Some visit only in the summer, but many of us can feel blessed to enjoy it

all year long.

Seize the Bay! is really a celebration of the people that make this place special

as well as a challenge for those who want more in their life.

The intent here is to highlight those people, places and things that make this a

special place. If you are not making the most of the region then consider “Seize

the Bay!” to be a Call to Action for you!

The formula that we have decided to focus on is quite simple:

Passion + Georgian Bay = Better Lives For All.

There are physical activities in the region that focus on the natural aspects as

well as other group and individual sports.

We have active activities such as boating, kayaking, canoeing, cycling,

hiking, yoga, fishing, geocaching, camping, cross country skiing,

snowshoeing and snowmobiling activities which focus around the bay and the

many lakes and trails in the area. Other activities that can keep you active are

also found in the area including curling, hockey, golf, tennis and even


With a world class Midland Cultural Centre, we also have a fantastic selection of culture

based activities, as well as some tasty local treats offered up by the restaurants and farmers markets.

We plan to focus on these activities and highlight some of the people who make

this region special. People who have clearly demonstrated that they live a life in a

way that is focused on their specific passion here in the Georgian Bay region for

all of us to enjoy more fulfilled lives. We call these people Bay Seizers! (not to be

confused with Old Geezers)

If you have ever Seized the Day on Georgian Bay... then you already know what

Seize the Bay! is all about and you have a part to play by sharing that experience.

Join us on this journey. Share your stories. Join in on some of the experiences

you have not yet tried. Just get out and enjoy every day! Even if it is hot or if

there is snow on the ground, it is always a perfect day to Seize the Bay!

Ron Neumann

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