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Carpe Sinus - Seize the Bay!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The definition you are most likely familiar with is Carpe diem. It was made famous in the movie "Dead Poet's Society" when Robin Williams encouraged his students to "Seize the Day!". This has become a call to action for anyone who wants to make the most of the present moment. The original definition of Carpe diem comes from the first-century BCE Odes of the Roman poet Horace. ... Though commonly taken as “seize,” the Latin carpe originally means “to gather or pluck” and diem “day,” making carpe diem suggest “enjoy the present while it is ripe.”

Carpe Sinus translates into "Seize the Bay!", (well that is what Google Translate says)...

In our minds this perfectly captures the life you need to live. It is a call to action, a rally cry, and an attitude. If you are to live YOUR best life you need to step out of your normal way of looking at life and focus on what is important.

Be careful not to take this as a hedonistic calling, doing only what satisfies you. In our interpretation you need to share your passion for living with those around you on the same journey, and in doing so improve the lives of everyone involved.

Carpe Sinus - Seize the Bay!

Sunrise from Midland Point

#SeizetheBay, #CarpeSinus

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